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Mixed Dimensions is an integral reality company, creating new systems and technologies for the virtual and physical worlds to relate to one another by bridging the digital and physical worlds through an innovative software platform.  It’s technology creates a gateway from the imagination driven virtual world to the tangible, tactile analog world and back again.  The company’s GamePrint service combines Mixed Dimensions proprietary 3D printing technology with its artisanal approach to production, allowing gamers to create, capture and print personal gameplay moments, characters, vehicles and dioramas. Its manufacturingno inve technology enables on demand, ntory, processing of these one of a kind objects realized through leading edge 3D printing, robotics and artists delivering products that bring the imagination of gamers in the virtual world to life for their use in our physical world. Mixed Dimensions is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in three continents.

GamePrint is a platform for capturing and 3D printing gameplay moments. Our platform enables new models of monetization for game developers through enabling gamers to capture gameplay moments, customize action figures or assets and 3D print their personalized creations.

GamePrint is a new way to create meaningful connections between game developers and players; creating a new way to merchandising through 3D Printing.


3DCollectible is the go-to place where you can transform your 3D Models into high-quality collectibles utilizing state of the art 3D Printing technology combined with the magical touch of master painters who craft each model to be personalized and customized for you only.

In addition, 3DCollectible gives you the ability to share your creativity and earn money by allowing others to order a 3D Printed collectible masterpiece of your design that is magically crafted into reality by
3DCollectible Team.

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MakePrintable is a cloud based 3D CAD file fixing solution that provides 3D file error-free optimization services, through simplified interfaces that require close to no experience in 3D printing to get any 3D file fixed and ready for printing on any 3D printer.

Our vision in MakePrintable is solidly built and based on simplifying the process of 3D model fixing for every novice and expert user – just a simple“Right-Click and Print”.