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Amman Design Week (ADW) was a nationwide initiative to show the awesome works of artists from all over the Kingdom. Supported by HRM Queen Rania Al Abdullah.
The nine-day event took place at three locations around the Capital Ras Al Ain Gallery’s Hangar, The Jordan Museum and the Raghdan Tourist Terminal.
Mixed Dimensions had showcased a few of its projects in the MakerSpace, and our team prepared three workshops.


Our Installation at the MakerSpace.

We had three main projects to show off:

1. A two player (IoT) Arcade
2. 3D printer and a few of our 3D prints.
3. VR station


Picture caption Hackatari’s IoT Arcade.


The arcades were built by our Hackatari team Abdullah Alhatem and Hartha Al-Oufi who are currently in university and are interning at Mixed Dimensions innovation lab “Hackatari.” They did it all by developing the game, ordering the parts, designing the Case that was 3D printed, and assembled the whole thing. The game is multiplayer version of Snake, and as long as both arcades were connected to the internet, the players can play against each other.

3D Prints

We placed a few experimental 3D prints we had for GamePrints; those included a GamePlay moments we tested. We also showcased a few of our favourite 3D prints like the Turbine engine.

3D models on display

Our 3D models on display

VR station

We couldn’t resist not having our Oculus Rift there to showcase a demo we had prepared.

14646570_1194218873976441_969776546_o (1)

Students exploring the virtual world.


Princess Tharwat Al Hassan


Oday explaining GamePrint and MakePrintable to visitors

Workshops at the MakerSpace.

There are Makers, and there are Designers. It’s very rare that you find someone who can do both!
So we wanted to change that, and focus on the conjunction of 3D Printing and design. We put together an intro to 3D printing, which a lot of 3D artists found interesting, and alternatively we put together a basic intro to 3D design using Blender, and Sketchup for Makers.
We also couldn’t resist and attended Autodesk’s intro to Fusions 360.


Our youngest attendees to the Intro to design for 3D Printing using SketchUp and Blender Workshop


Faisal giving a workshop to high school students

Who else took part,

Almost 100 participants joined this extraordinary event that showcased the Jordanian Capital City’s unique culture of design innovations.


Interactive sculpture FLO OFF by Hanna Salameh. The hovering disks can be moved around to form shapes


Prototype of the Pavilion “Cocoon”. Manually 3D Printed Sand by Hashem Joucka


Qalban Qaleban by designer Fadi Zumot is an interactive sculpture invites the viewer to experience
an audible transplant out of their bodies and into a fashion structure.

Ghost Exhibition by Yara Hindawi


The Memory Matrix project by Azra Akšamija explored the possibilities of future heritage creation


Eureka Tech Academy displayed projects created by their own young  students

What’s next.

We had loads of fun at ADW, and we will be back next year with more projects.
In the meantime, if you would like to attend our monthly 3D Print Amman meet up, stay tuned here

We also offer free Sketchup or Blender classes from time to time.





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